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The Wolf Of Wall Street

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

What Makes It So Great?

The crazy true story of Jordan Belfort can grasp anybody's attention, but having it told by Martin Scorsese can make it irresistible. Dicaprio's masterful performance makes the viewers glued to Belfort's incredible ride. From young broker to top dog, Belfort's story takes us through a grand 3 hour journey of emotions. In the end, the story will make you question how something like this is possible.

Why Would A Teen Watch?

Its raunchiness alone is enough to intrigue a teen, but in addition, the story itself is amazing. Even though the movie is long, it is a fan-favorite and holds a teen's attention. Whether it's because of Dicaprio's acting or just the fact that Margot Robbie is in it (she is beautiful), all teens find enjoyment in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Where Does This Film Rank?

Among Scorsese Films, The Wolf of Wall Street is near the top. Similar to some of his other films (specifically GoodFellas), The Wolf Of Wall Street seems to be a fan favorite even though it is not as critically acclaimed. Personally it is my 2nd favorite film by Scorsese, and one of my favorite films of all time.

Memorable Lines

"I'm not fuckin leaving"

"I will not die sober"

"Sell me this pen"

" I choose rich every fuckin time"

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