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The Fugitive

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

What Makes It So Great?

From the plot to the action, the Fugitive never fails to impress. Coming at the end of Harrison Ford's historic 20 year run, The Fugitive highlights the crazy realities that false misconception can create in this world. From iconic lines to memorable scenes, every moment in The Fugitive has the audience begging for more.

Why Would It Appeal To Teens?

The Fugitive is not slow to get moving. For the impatient viewer, this movie will be able to satisfy as it jumps to action within the first 20 minutes. From there it only gets better as the quality of the movie is everything a teen would enjoy. Harrison Ford has always provided us with movies that teens would enjoy and the Fugitive is no different.

Where Does This Film Rank?

Like many other action movies of its kind, The Fugitive's goal was never to strive for Oscars and film honors, rather it attempted to stand out among all the other fast paced action movies. It certainly did as its masterful performances from Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones stand the test of time and hit the audience with everything they want. Also, the film's smart and creative nature makes extremely clever.

Memorable Lines

  • "I didn't kill my wife"... "I don't care!"

  • "I'll wait up for you"

  • "Except for the beard"

  • "I don't bargain"

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