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The Deer Hunter

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

What Makes This Film So Important?

Many of my reviews are focused on the individual greatness of the film. However, when it comes to the Deer Hunter, its meaning goes beyond greatness. The Deer Hunter brings a deeper look as to what some of the U.S. soldiers went through in Vietnam. It reveals where many are from and the rough lives that they lived. This 3 hour epic gives everything there is to know about the war and the pain and suffering of it all. It is absolutely a must watch for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Why Does It Appeal To Teenagers?

In complete honesty, many teenagers may find this one a little slow or boring. However, anybody that has the patience to let a story develop will not be disappointed. With the occasional action scenes, the Deer Hunter flows very nicely. It really sucks you into the life of each character, as it makes you feel strongly for what each one is going through. With great performances from all time great Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken, the Deer Hunter will jump out to any teen movie lover.

Where Does This Film Rank?

The Deer Hunter continues to stand out as one of the great movies of all time. In a revolutionary decade of film-making, the Deer Hunter is right up there with the biggest names. The film was nominated 9 oscars and it won 5 including "Best Picture." The film is in the IMBD top 250 and AFI top 100. It is timeless and one of the most important films in the history of cinema.

My Favorite Scenes

  • All Russian Roulette Scenes

  • Wedding Scene

  • Deer Hunting Scene

  • Closing Scene

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