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The Big Lebowski

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

My Favorite Scenes

  • Opening Scene

  • Car Chase Scene

  • Final battle Scene

  • "The Dude's" meeting with Jeff Lebowski

Why is it appealing to Teenagers?

  • Its calm sense of humor and interesting storyline can capture the interests of just about anybody. With a sensible length and nonstop jokes, the film never runs out of gas and it continues to get better as it goes on. Teenagers will always find joy because while it is ridiculous, it is countered with a calm but mature nature.

Memorable Lines

  • "He pied on the man's rug" ( Walter )

  • "Shut the fuck up Donnie" ( Walter )

  • "Well that's just like, your opinion man" ( The Dude )

  • "Do not fuck with the Jesus" (Jesus )

  • "The dude abides" (The Dude )

  • "Smokey, this is not Vietnam, this is bowling, there are rules" ( Walter )

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