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Pulp Fiction

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

What Makes Pulp Fiction So Great?

As an innovation of its time, Pulp Fiction offers one of the most unique setups to a movie. With a star-studded cast and a A-list director, Pulp Fiction doesn't miss a beat. Pulp Fiction is a long and creative story that seems to use violence to capture the audiences attention at every corner. While it can be confusing at times, Pulp Fiction always delivers an interesting take on L.A crime life.

Why Does It Appeal To Teenagers?

The average teen would find beauty in the violence and the dialogue. While some may get bored by the runtime and the pacing, overall it offers enough action to keep the teenage mind engaged. With craziness at every corner it is hard to lose interest in Pulp Fiction.

Where Does This Film Rank?

Many consider Pulp Fiction as one of the greatest films of all time. The film where all time great director Quentin Tarantino is as his best. The film won an Oscar for best original screenplay, and it is easy to see why when you watch the film. Pulp Fiction may be the most unique film of all time, and for this reason it is recognized as a high achievement in film.

Memorable Lines

  • "Now that's a tasty burger"

  • "Royale with cheese"

  • "I gotta stab her 3 times"

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