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What Makes It Great?

This latest installment to the Rocky series gives the audience everything they could ever want to continue this fan favorite story. As the Rocky movies had been released a long time ago, continuing the story with the son of Apollo Creed was genius. Especially because of the excellent acting by Michael B. Jordan.

Why Would A Teen Enjoy?

Creed is an easy watch for any teen. While the story is just out right awesome, it's the non-stop action and grit in the movie that will captivate teens. Through intense training montages, and fights, the Creed series gives a very realistic view of the life of a boxer. Its "kill or be killed "type mentality makes the movie very intriguing and heart pounding.

Where Does It rank?

Along with the other Rocky movies, Creed is seen as a worldwide fan favorite movie. While it never made a splash at the Oscars like the original Rocky, the film is widely recognized as one of heart and passion. It will put any movie fan at the edge of their seat.

Memorable Lines:

" As long as you're talking, you're not listening"

" It ain't about how hard you can hit"

" It's not a choice for me"

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