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Cast Away

What Makes It So Great?

Cast Away's unique story is captivating for any audience and is very appealing to all age groups. Even though the story is a simple concept, the movie is executed to perfection with Tom Hanks giving an incredible gut-wrenching performance.

Why Would A Teen Enjoy?

Any teen will love this survival story. The plane crash scene gives the audience everything they would want want in an action sequence and the intensity is unmatched. Tom Hanks' performance really makes the audience feel for the main character and root for his survival.

Where Does It Rank?

While Cast Away isn't always recognized as Hanks' "most memorable film", it certainly is a masterful performance that is widely talked about as one of his best. It is a story that is highly referenced, and as a result, Hanks won a Golden Globe. The film was also nominated for 2 Oscars.

Best Scenes

  • Plane crash scene

  • Losing Wilson scene

  • Fire scene

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