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Almost Famous

What Makes It So great?

Different from many movies Almost Famous' celebration of the early 1970s is what makes it so special. Its ability to take the viewer into the prime of rock n roll music, and capture the true colors of the 70s is what sets this movie apart from others. The story, the acting, and the directing is all on point, as Almost famous has greatly impacted newer generations.

Why Would Teens Enjoy?

Well to start, its timeless. Its old setting makes the movie timeless forever, as the 1970s gives off interesting vibes that teens can find fun in. Alongside this, teens will relate well to the character of William Miller. The 15 year old kid can be just like anyone else, but the life he lives is thrilling, and gives any teen joy while watching.

Where Does This Film Rank?

While, it is no IMDB top 10, Almost Famous has a 89% on rotten tomatoes and is widely critically acclaimed. It is a unique film that is widely celebrated because there is no other film of its kind. Almost Famous depicts the 70s perfectly and has the interests of both teens and adults because of it.

Memorable Scenes

  • Russell Jumping off the roof

  • Russell getting electrocuted

  • William telling the band they made the cover of rolling stone magazine

  • Every scene with William's mom

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