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I've always loved watching classic movies and television shows with my dad, but it wasn't

until a global pandemic shut down regular life that I got serious about "the list." 

What is "the list" you ask? 

Well, "the list" is basically all of the  movies and television shows my father thought I needed to see to be a true lover of all things media.   It was a rather daunting list -  with over 60 movies and shows.  How did he ever have the time to watch all these I wondered?

I never thought I would ever make a significant dent in "the list", but now almost 18+ months into the COVID pandemic, I really made my way through this life-changing and perspective changing collection.  Who knew staying home would become so productive for a 16 year high school kid?

And now it's time to share my wealth of knowledge with YOU.  I have so much to say, I have so many thoughts.  Some of these movies and shows will define my ultimate life choices. 

And the best part...  that I've become the "go to" person for movie and show recommendations - to all my friends and even some of my parents friends! 

"A REEL PERSPECTIVE" was born out of this experience and need to share my point of view. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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The Fighter

What Makes It So great? Many originally thought this film would be the second coming off Rocky; however, it actually became a flawless...

The Departed

What Makes It So Great? In this Scorsese movie, the crazy world of the Irish mob is seen in full display. With an absolutely star-studded...

The Wolf Of Wall Street

What Makes It So Great? The crazy true story of Jordan Belfort can grasp anybody's attention, but having it told by Martin Scorsese can...

The Batman

Movie Review After being released in theaters this past week, The Batman has gained a lot of attention from the media. I saw it...

Marathon Man

What Makes It So Great? Marathon Man stands the test of time as a film through its amazing action sequences and thrilling events. A great...

The Shawshank Redemption

What Makes It So Great? Adapted from Stephen King's short story, The Shawshank Redemption stands out as one of the most clever and...

No Country For Old Men

What Makes It So Great? As the peak of the Coen brothers career, No Country For Old men is a thrilling and suspenseful film that will...


What Makes Scarface So Great? As a film that captures the culture, attitude, and context of a very unique time period and place, Scarface...

Forrest Gump

What Makes It So Great? "Mama always says life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get." This quote right from...

Apocalypse Now

What Makes It So Great? To put it simply, Apocalypse Now is recognized by many as one of the greatest movies of all time. Its unique...

Pulp Fiction

What Makes Pulp Fiction So Great? As an innovation of its time, Pulp Fiction offers one of the most unique setups to a movie. With a...

The Deer Hunter

What Makes This Film So Important? Many of my reviews are focused on the individual greatness of the film. However, when it comes to the...

Fight Club

What Makes Fight Club So Great? Fight Club is able to stand the test of time as its uniqueness and surprises can go toe to toe with...


What Makes Goodfellas So Great? Aside from the obvious things like great acting and writing, Goodfellas offers extreme violence and raw...

The Big Lebowski

My Favorite Scenes Opening Scene Car Chase Scene Final battle Scene "The Dude's" meeting with Jeff Lebowski Why is it appealing to...

Inglorious Basterds

My Favorite Scenes Donnie's baseball bat kill Final Movie theater fire Underground bar shootout Aldo's assembling of the Basterds Where...

The Godfather

My Favorite Scenes Opening Wedding Michael's first murder of Sollozo and McCluskey The Baptism Murders Where Does this Film Rank? The...

Saving Private Ryan

My Favorite Scenes D-Day, Normandy Beach opening battle scene Final battle scene on June 13, 1944 When Private Ryan is found by Captain...

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